Animal and Fungi Phosphorylation Database (AFPD)

AFPSD: Animal and Fungi Phosphorylation Site Database is a comprehensive collection of 36 000, 00 Phosphorylation sites and 2 00,00, Protein substrates from Published literature and databases by using numerous keywords and parameters. Phosphorylation is the addition of phosphate Group with the residue of protein molecule, which control proteins function and signals transmission within cells. It is also involved in cell division, cell growth, signal transduction, cell development, protein synthesis, and signal transduction. Several databases have been published in well know journals, such as PhosphositePlus (Hornbeck, et al.,2019), PhosphoGRID (Stark, et al., 2010), PhosphoPep (Bodenmiller, et al., 2011), UniProt (The UniProt Consortium, 2021), SysPTM (Li, et al., 2014), HPRD (Goel, et al., 2012, Phospho.ELM (Diella, et al., 2011), dbPTM (Lee, et al., 2019), PHOSIDA (Gnad, et al., 2011) among them we have published a comprehensive phosphorylation database of animal and Fungi named FBPAF(http://dbpaf.biocuckoo.org/index.php). AFPSD is currently an online resource with new features and up-to-date data, with a focus on creativity, consistency, and clarity.